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About CleanTech.Org is the leading portal for energy & environmental technology commercialization.

Think of us as a virtual incubator for clean technologies, and a resource to scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and investors interested in new technologies in cleantech. The cleantech sector is global, with no geographical center of gravity... so we've created one on the web.

We welcome new technologies across the energy and cleantech sector: solar and photovoltaics, ethanol and biofuels, fuel cells, batteries, combustion, carbon, IT, alternative energy, wind, geothermal, renewable power, water, environment, energy efficiency, or any other green technology.

Find an investor or executive interested in your area, post your resume or business opportunity, dive into 10 years of proprietary research, or ask our experts for advice or help.

Our mandate is to be the access point for the growing number of individuals and companies seeking to become involved in the sector. We seek to allow these participants to develop networks with each other, and to access information and resources to facilitate commercialization of clean technologies through an interactive experience.

What we offer

  • The only place on the web where with one click you can submit business plans to every cleantech investor in the database.
  •  600+ Research Briefs on over a decade of technology development in Cleantech
  • Panel of leading industry experts available to network
  •  Database of cleantech investors, incubators, and angel networks
  • Analysis and commentary from Cleantech Blog, named one of the 50 Best Business Blogs by the London Times 

Our target audience is you!

Scientists, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies looking to commercialize clean technology.

Entrepreneurs, executives, and investors looking to become personally in clean technology ventures.

Our founding partners

Jane Capital Partners LLC (
Jane Capital is a merchant bank that specializes in M&A, spin-outs, and technology commercialization, with expertise in energy & environmental technology and cross-border transactions.

Neal M. Dikeman, Partner, San Francisco, CA, 415-277-0176

Our team

Chairman and Founder, Neal M. Dikeman, Neal is a partner at Jane Capital Partners, a San Francisco based merchant bank focused on cleantech, energy & environmental technologies. Neal has co-founded or advised on the creation of startups in superconductors, fuel cells, and wireless technology, and advises clients ranging from startups to major energy and oil companies on their technology investments and commercialization strategy. Neal conceived and designed, is the founding contributor to Cleantech Blog, and a contributing editor to

Research Fellow, Dr. Edward Beardsworth,
Ed is a long-time fixture in the energy technology landscape. A physicist who began his career at EPRI and Brookhaven National Laboratory, Ed has advised startups and energy companies on technology for 30 years. He ran a multi-client study, Utility Federal Technology Opportunities, for 15 years, advising 25 of the largest power companies in the US. He has consulted for investment industry leaders including Nth Power and Cleantech Venture Network, and is a Senior Technical Fellow at Jane Capital Partners.

Manager, Dr. Frank Ling,
With his unique background across science, technology and new media, Frank oversees the portal. Frank holds a PhD in Chemistry from UC-Berkeley, an MS in Chemical Engineering from UC-Santa Barbara, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cal Tech. He has done post doc work at the well known Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at UC-Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. He is also co-founder and producer of the Berkeley Groks Radio Science Show on KALX 90.7 FM, which has run since 2001 and is syndicated across 5 states and Australia, available at Frank was also a AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow as well as a Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences. You can reach Frank at