Director Battery Development

Atlanta Executive Search, LLC
July 22, 2022
Boston, MA
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Director of Battery Development

You should have a deep understanding of how to build batteries, have experience with interfacial issues and has substantial experience in safety testing (UN 38.3, etc.). We have several new chemistries using liquid non-flammable salts and polymers.

We are simultaneously commercializing:

• Lithium metal production process

    – Room temperature molten salt technology

    – Room temperature aqueous technology
• Lithium metal electrode
• Lithium metal battery 
• Battery management system
• Non-flammable lithium metal battery

With advanced analytical capabilities including:


Our vertically integrated technology is clean, efficient, scalable, and sustainable.

The commercial use of li-ion has expanded dramatically across all mobile devices and electric vehicles, well beyond the capability of the chemistry, and the need for safer, more powerful batteries has become very, very clear.

Batteries need more power, more energy, at less cost, and with no fear of explosive thermal runaway. 

Our novel technology eliminates more than 80% of the current manufacturing costs in lithium metal production which will propel lithium metal batteries into the market for widespread adoption at less than $50 kWh. The technology is scalable to a broad range of applications.  We are committed to economic and environmental solutions, and leading the energy market into the future.

Low cost feed stock

Earth abundant materials and the carbon intensity of their processes are considered as a precondition to scalability. Readily available, low-cost Li feed stock of varying quality ensures a secure supply chain, insulated from price fluctuations.

Clean process

Room temperature production process is clean, scalable and sustainable.

Vertically-integrated production

Technology enables vertical integration of Li metal production with the battery production process. Vertical integration is cost efficient, eliminating the high cost and handling issues for transporting and storing lithium metal.

One step process

Li is chemically bonded to a substrate creating a full anode in one production step. Lithium metal is never exposed to air, preserving the integrity of the material.

Manufactured in a charged state

Batteries manufactured in a charged state, reducing time and costly formation cycles. The  battery can be produced in one day. Compared to: Lithium ion requires 1.5-3 weeks for formation of the anode.

US based manufacturing, sourcing

The manufacturing process is possible within the United States, securing our energy supply chain, supporting energy independence, and creating domestic jobs.

Electrode purity

The electrode is elementally pure, and does not contain impurities.

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