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Calling Dynamic Entrepreneurs to involve in the Greatest Cleantech Project

Published by: Hariharan PV on 27th Jan 2013 | View all blogs by Hariharan PV
Here are a few stunningly immaculate Wood Substitute Molded Doors that use Agrowastes as the staring point.

Molded Door_1.jpg
High Quality MOLDED DOOR - in Superior TEAK Design

Molded Door_2.jpg
High Quality MOLDED DOOR - in Superior SILVER OAK Design

High Quality MOLDED DOOR - in Superior MARBLE Design

High Quality MOLDED DOOR - Teak Frame with Mahogany Inlay Design

Here are some Boards made of Agrowastes which are the First semi-finished Products for Molded Doors:

Agrowaste Molded Panels.jpg

India has the potential to create a development based on an average Village Turnover of not less than $1,000,000 in each of the 638,596 Villages … a total turnover of over $630 Billion. About 15% of these businesses could be generated through Wood Substitute products alone.

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