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Nothing Cheaper! Period!

Sat, Dec 1 2012 07:29pm PST 1
Peter Mckinlay
Peter Mckinlay
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Nothing is more efficient than a hydro turbine.
Industrial size turbine requires minimum one litre per second water flow at 9 bar pressure = 720 watts.
Pay particular attention to "pressure" and "flow".
Pressure. CO2 heated from 50*C to 100*C has has 9,000 bar pressure sitting around doing nothing.
When gas sits above liquid, the liquid takes on the same pressure as the gas. So you have 9,000 bar gas pressure and 9,000 bar liquid pressure. Hydro turbines love high pressure liquid. When liquid has 9,000 bar pressure and flows at 1 litre a second the turbine generates 720KW. Fact of Life.
How do we make the CO2 hot, we use hot water. To do this we must first heat the water, do do this we use a heating element - For Heating Flowing Water KW = Liters/min. x Temperature Rise (°C) x 0.076.
We heat 1 litre of water up from 50*C to 100*C in one second. Cost 228KW.
Water pressure 9,000 bar flowing 1 litre per second to 82% effiicient turbine produces 720KW.
People whistle, skip. dance and sing but nothing changes the facts and those facts be with us for long before the Steam revolution.
Parts required for home build model. Metal Pipe. Squash Balls. 82% efficient hydro turbine. Nothing more.
Cave man boiled water. Shaven man boiled even hotter. Some great leap in technology that is.
Did put in image of home construct. Did put in image Phase Graph CO2. Both no show.

Thu, Feb 7 2013 02:14am PST 2
julie anderson
julie anderson
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Hydro Power provides a full range of hydro turbines from a few MW to 900 MW.This links shows the graph between Temperature and Pressure.Smile

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