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How Industry Leaders Can Be More Competitive

Fri, Jun 1 2012 11:00am PDT 1
Anthony Borges
Anthony Borges
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Manufacturing Today magazine highlights how Industry Leaders can be more competitive by drastically reducing the expenses associated with facility Indoor and Outdoor Lighting; this can be done most cost-effectively, and without compromising light performance.

DHID™ is "Industry’s Most Green Lighting Upgrade Solution", please see our featured article in Manufacturing Today by linking here:

Manufacturing Today is an industrial magazine for leading manufacturers, with a focus on ‘best practices’. To view the full Summer 2012 issue, please link here:

5 Key Benefits of DHID™ Solutions for your Lighting Projects:

  1. Maximized Energy Savings, 30%-75%
  2. High-Quality, Long-Lasting Light, 90%+ Lumen Maintenance
  3. Reduced Maintenance Expenses, 3X - 4X Less Lamp Changes
  4. Environmentally Friendly, Cost-Effective; Reuse / Retrofit Your Existing Fixture
  5. Low Buying Price, Proven Performance, Industry’s Shortest Return On Investment

We can help you increase your competitiveness in a most Economically and Environmentally Responsible way, please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss.

Best regards,

Anthony Borges

Thu, Feb 7 2013 02:20am PST 2
julie anderson
julie anderson
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Many of us work in a changing competitive environment.Our industry have one or more trade organisations that we can join.I can say Twitter is the best place to find industry leaders and organisations and we can stay on top relevant news.Laughing

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