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NREL Entrepreneurship
NREL site maintaining links to tech transfer information, investor database, and Alliance of Clean Energy Incubators. Also links to NREL Clean Energy Industry Growth Forum, and Growth Link tech transfer engine.

Dr. L. Marty Murphy
Manager, Enterprise Development Programs
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401-3393
Leading jobs site for the green and renewable energy sector. is a dedicated jobs and news resource, including the only "People News" sections in green energy.

Flex Your Power
Initiated in 2001 Flex Your Power is a partnership of California's utilities, residents, businesses, institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations working to save energy. The campaign includes a comprehensive website, an electronic newsletter and blog, and educational materials. Flex Your Power has received national and international recognition, including an ENERGY STAR Award for excellence.

Flex Your Power
2183 Union St.
San Francisco, CA 94123
Leading website for information on publicly traded alternative energy stocks.

Weber Shandwick
Weber Shandwick is one of the world's leading global public relations firms with offices in major media, business and government capitals in 36 countries around the world. Weber Shandwick's Cleantech practice is an intra-agency boutique offering customized communications services and strategies to fit the needs of Cleantech companies of all sizes. Weber Shandwick’s Cleantech practice experience spans technologies in energy efficiency, renewable energy, green IT, materials, recycling, transportation and water. Weber Shandwick has received the highest client-satisfaction honors in the 2007 Agency Excellence Survey by PRWeek U.S. and in 2006, was named Large PR Firm of the Year (PR News U.S.), European Consultancy of the Year (The Holmes Report) and Network of the Year (Asia Pacific PR Awards). The firm also won the 2005, 2006 and 2007 United Nations Grand Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations.

Camino Energy
Camino Energy provides comprehesive global tracking and accurate segmentation of publicly-traded sustainable energy businesses. Our PurePlay Indices allow focused investment in companies pursuing specific business activities. We track 351 companies with $293.43 billion USD of market capitalization as of Feb 15, 2008. Our PurePlay Indices include Solar, Renewable Electricity, Biofuels, and Fuel Cells. Our global database contains key information regarding market segments, production facilities, and valuation.

Det Norske Veritas
DNV is the leading global provider of climate change certification services. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is an independent foundation, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a global presence of 6600 employees in 300 offices in more than 100 countries. Established in 1864, DNV’s objective is to “safeguard life, property and the environment”. Our independence and integrity is our strength. With no shareholding interests, operating margin is invested in research and development and our reserves. This allows us to provide professional, impartial and unbiased service in all our work and build on best practice in our key operating areas. DNV has extensive experience working in many sectors, and we have issued over 50,000 certificates worldwide.
One of the leading sources of information and interviews on publicly traded energy technology stocks. The team at is led by Managing Editor Bill Paul, a former journalist with the Wall Street Journal, and author of the book Future Energy: How the New Oil Industry Will Change People, Politics, and Portfolios.

Clean Break Blog
The latest on what’s going on in the clean technology market. Sightings and discussions of emerging clean technologies that help us help the environment without sacrifice to the economy. Clean Break is maintained by Tyler Hamilton, an energy reporter and business columnist for the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper. He also writes a weekly column in the Star called "Clean Break," which focuses on emerging trends, technologies and investment opportunities in the cleantech space. This site is a personal endeavour that aims to complement that column, offering a space for anyone to express views and report on developments related to the area.

TerraPass helps you calculate your carbon footprint, learn how to reduce it, and balance it out through the purchase of verified carbon offsets. TerraPass is the brainchild of Dr. Karl Ulrich at the University of Pennsylvania. TerraPass helps you calculate your carbon footprint, learn how to reduce it, and balance it out through the purchase of verified carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are a means of funding clean energy and carbon reduction projects that help to fight global warming. TerraPass has products for all of the major activities responsible for carbon emissions: driving, flying, and home energy use. We also offer products to balance emissions from college dorm energy use, wedding or events, and business energy use.

Two Steps Forward
Considered by the Associated Press as the "guru of green business practices," Joel Makower writes about sustainable business and green marketplaces. For more than 20 years, Joel Makower has been a well-respected voice on business, the environment, and the bottom line. As a writer, speaker, and strategist on corporate environmental practices, clean technology, and green marketing, he has helped a wide range of companies align environmental responsibility with business success.

The Energy Collective
Power. Policy. Climate. The conversation happens here. The Energy Collective is a moderated online community for people who want to understand how technology and businesses are adapting to address the challenges of climate change and the quest for clean energy. Our featured bloggers are a cross section of respected scientists, activists, policy makers, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs united by their commitment to innovation as the key to a sustainable future.

Renewable Energy & CleanTech - Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydro and Wind. proposes an information feed on renewable energy and cleantech. Our members are involved in those topics (in research, business, PR, policy & administration, etc), and gain full publication rights on to promote their ideas and share some news. Cleanergy Network is the community of our members.

Alt Energy Investor
The global resource bank for the alternative energy investor. Alt Energy Investor is a general investor education website concerning investment in alternative energy companies. The views expressed on the website are attributable solely to Dan Lewis.

Greentech Media: Cleantech Investing Blog
Views on cleantech investing by Rob Day. Rob Day is a Boston-based principal with @Ventures, a venture capital group that invests in early-stage and mid-stage technology companies. The primary focus of @Ventures' fifth fund, formed in 2004, is on investments in the cleantech sector, including alternative energy, energy storage and efficiency, and water purification technologies.

Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing
Learn about biodiesel stocks, headlines, and more on Biodiesel Investing. ("Biodiesel Investing") is part of the Reid-Brown Media Network, and is wholly owned and operated by Reid, Brown & Co., LLC.

Green Car Congress
Energy, technologies, issues, and policies for sustainable mobility. Green Car Congress’ mission is to provide timely, high-quality editorial about the full spectrum of energy options, technologies, products, issues and policies related to sustainable mobility. Our goals are: To provide timely and accurate reporting and analysis of relevant developments around the world. To take the panoptic view, providing comprehensive coverage and the context critical to understanding and evaluating our emerging energy options.

How business is catching the green wave. Get the latest on green energy policies from this blog and site for the book "Green to Gold". The site also provides more details and links related to the three actionable tool categories: eco-tracking, eco-design, and culture.

Hill Heat
Get the lowdown on science policy on Capitol Hill. Hill Heat is the dynamic site focused entirely on covering global warming developments on Capitol Hill. You’ll find a complete listing of global-warming related Congressional hearings and other events, as well as informative commentary and analysis, organized by category and topic. The Cunctator is the publisher and editor of Hill Heat. Living in Washington, D.C., he has a background in climate science, with experience in online communications, technology journalism, and political organizing.

Renew Energy Blog
Find news and commentary on anything and everything related to renewable energy here. RENEW Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization headquartered Madison and promotes public policies and private initiatives for powering the state’s economy in an environmentally responsible manner.

Energize America
Energize America is a comprehensive and compelling 20-point plan developed by informed citizen activists to wean the U.S. from its fossil fuel addiction and provide the U.S. with Energy Security by 2020, and Energy Freedom by 2040. By 2020, Energize America will enable the U.S. to: * reduce both oil imports and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50%, * generate 25% of our electricity from renewable sources, and * create 2M new energy-related American jobs and save 1M ‘at-risk’ auto jobs.

Sustainable Research
Developments in research for sustainable energy with Sustainable Research. This is a space dedicated to the diffusion, debate, and archival of articles, sources, and topics related to sustainability technology and policy research. Primary topics of interest include the interaction of energy, infrastructure, and transport with climate change and policy. A reference listing of some relevant peer-reviewed research journals is also provided.

Environmental Leader
Information on green energy for corporate decision makers. Environmental Leader is a daily trade publication that keeps corporate executives fully informed about environmental and sustainability news as well as the latest on corporate environmental initiatives.

Renewable Energy
Energy news from around the globe. Renewable Energy provides latest Energy World News and analysis on energy, electricity, oil, gas and more. Searchable news in 35 languages from WN Network.

Carl Lenox's look at the world of renewable energy.

carl (dot) lenox (at) gmail (dot) com

Energy News and Commentary. A sustainable, just, and prosperous energy future is possible. To rise to the climate challenge and seize our moment of opportunity, we must implement a rapid and equitable transition to a sustainable energy future. This transition will recharge our economy with investments in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy, creating millions of new jobs. It will break our addiction to foreign oil, end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels, and forge a new path into a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future for all.

News about sustainable energy and more. Since July 2003, sustainablog has been providing information on environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business, and environmental politics. The blog regularly features environmental leaders, experts in alternative energy and green technology, and real people trying to lighten their environmental footprints.

Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (OREC)
Developments in ocean energy. Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition embraces a wide range of renewable technologies, including wave, tidal, current, offshore wind, ocean thermal, marine biomass and all other technologies that utilize renewable resources from oceans, tidal areas and other unimpounded water bodies to produce electricity, desalinized water, hydrogen, mariculture and other by products.

Wind Energy Works!
The scoop on the latest wind energy news. Wind Energy Works! is a national alliance that supports wind energy development across the country. The coalition engages the public debate over wind energy development with facts about its many benefits and counteracts the growing spread of misinformation by wind energy opponents.

Solar Buzz
Premier site for latest solar energy news headlines. Connect to solar energy companies worldwide, follow solar energy developments. or access our solarbuzz research and consultancy services.

National Wind Watch
Latest news in wind powered energy. National Wind Watch® is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of the negative impacts of industrial wind energy development on our environment, economy, and quality of life.

Get information about living off the grid on solar, wind, and hydro power here. Off-grid is for those who want to unplug, relax and feel at home anywhere on the planet, whether they are in an office, the back of a camper van, walking through a forest or meditating in a city park.

nick (at)

B100 Fuel
What if the world replaced all diesel with B100 biodiesel? Latest on biodiesel technology, conferences, and manufacturers.

Find out about biomass feedstock service providers and biomass-to-energy conversion technology R&D. The second of four interlinked BIOenergy Blogs, this one covers international issues, process R&D, facility deployments, and new developments. The other three related blogs are the BIOstock Blog, BIOoutput Blog, and the BIOwaste Blog.

Advocates for a green energy pact between Europe and Africa. The Biopact is a Brussels-based connective of European and African citizens who strive towards the establishment of a mutually beneficial 'energy relationship' based on biofuels and bioenergy. The group's main activities currently consist of building a web presence, delivering basic consulting services to the media and to bioenergy projects in the South, and of networking with other organisations.

Big Biofuels Blog
Biofuel stories from around the world. Simon Robinson’s discussion on the carbon footprint of biofuels, sugar cane ethanol, etc.

Energy Planet Directory
Renewable Energy Directory. Directory includes Aeoogle search on alternative energy.

Unplugged Living
Helping you freeload off mother nature.


The Energy Blog
Information about the energy revolution. One of the premier sources of developments in alternative energy. The Energy Blog is a place where all topics relating to The Energy Revolution are presented and form the basis for discussion.

It's the Only One We Have
Robin Nixon's blog. Learn about hydro-electric power, hydrogen, efficiency, solar energy, wind power, and lots more at Robin Nixon’s blog.

The Energy Refuge
This team of bloggers stays on top of alternative energy trends and other environmental news.

webmaster [at] energyrefuge [dot] com

Loads of information about new energy solutions. ECOtality is a renewable energy company that acquires and commercially advances clean electric technologies and applications that address the world’s global energy challenges. We are a technology innovator that identifies inventive ways to efficiently power our live

It's Getting Hot in Here
Dispatches from the Youth Environment Movement. It’s Getting Hot in Here is the voice of a growing movement, a collection of voices from the student and youth leaders of the global movement to stop global warming.

editors [at]

The Oil Drum
Discussions about energy and our future. The Oil Drum asks questions about the future of energy, taking a look at issues like suburbia and the Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

editors at theoildrum dot com

Alternative Energy HQ
Source of information on biodiesel, solar power, wind power, and more. This site is about a passion for change. A passion to see the world improve its approach to energy and how we consume it.

info (@)

Energy Bulletin
Energy Bulletin reports on peak energy and related news. A clearinghouse for information regarding the peak in global energy supply. We publish news, research and analysis concerning: energy production statistics, models, projections and analysis.

Learn about climate change - then create, join and sponsor projects that beat it. On Celsias, you can read a widely-recognized climate change blog, review practical projects from all over the world and meet the coolest people who share your passion for stopping human-induced global warming. If you want to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, register on the site, create a project, then recruit people or funding to get your project off the ground.

One Alternative
One Alternative reports on renewable energy and the steps we need to take to adapt to it.

Groovy Green
A resource for information on how we can find cleaner alternatives to power our lives. Groovy Green was started as a way to organize the large amounts of information swirling about the little town of Ithaca, NY concerning renewable energy and sustainable living. Over the past few months, it has branched out to cover national and international news, products, and the people fighting to make a difference in promoting sustainability.

Alternate fuels world. Juice reports on alternative fuels as they relate to developments, markets, and politics.

Alt Energy Today
Get the latest news on alternative energy here.

Alternative Energy Info

Cleantech Group
Formerly the Cleantech Venture Network, which defined and introduced cleantech as an investment category in 2002, the Cleantech Group now offers a series of services which are helping transform cleantech from a niche category into one of today’s most significant business opportunities. Cleantech Network A membership organization of 8,000 qualified cleantech investors, 9,500 companies and professional services organizations worldwide and a core group of 1,300 elite members with assets exceeding $3 trillion. Includes venture capital firms, investment banks, limited partners, governments and major corporations via offices in North America, Europe, China and India. The Cleantech Network has been producing the highly-regarded Cleantech Forum investment conferences around the world since 2003. Cleantech China A joint venture between Tsing Capital, based in Beijing, and the Cleantech Group. Applies the successful Cleantech Network model to bring cleantech innovation and capital together throughout China. Cleantech India Brings cleantech innovation and capital together throughout India. Co-chaired by Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures. Cleantech Search A retained executive search firm exclusive to the cleantech sector. As part of Cleantech Group, it has an in-depth understanding of the market, the personnel within it and cleantech companies' unique needs so as to find candidates quickly. Cleantech Indices The first stock market index to reflect the surging global demand for clean technology (cleantech) products and services. By tracking the market performance of the leading publicly traded cleantech companies, CTIUS is the industry standard index that underlies a growing range of financial products, such as exchange traded funds.

Green Energy Cafe
A Forum for Alternative Energy Knowledge
The Green Energy Cafe provides in depth analysis on the latest news, legislation, and book reviews in green energy. We also feature energy saving products in our store.

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